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Friday, March 08, 2019

Quotes for the days Freshness by Thabshi

March 08, 2019
frd qts

"It hurts really bad when you get ditched by your boyfriend"

-Her roommate complained. "Ever get ignored by your best friend?" -She asked.

frd qt 1

"How much do you love me"-He asked

"More than I love Minions"

A diehard minion lover replied.

love qt

"She is a tomboy"

"She doesn't have any feeling"

-They said.

And then, HE came.

secrets qt

"She is a garden full of secrets

And the walls are very high"

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"How people who are staying together can fight with each other like this"

-Her friends wondered watching BigBoss TV show

"Ever stayed in a hostel?"

-The hosteller sighed.

fake smile qt

"How's your college life"

-Her schoolmates asked

"It taught me how to fake the smile"

-She replied.

Quotes by @thab_shee

Monday, February 25, 2019

friendship Quotes for life

February 25, 2019
qt frds
Then, Going home from the hostel for vacation was the happiest journey for her.
Now, Returning to the college after the vacation is the happiest journey.
And yes Friendship can change a lot of things!
qt frd1
Between bunking classes without reason and attending all the classes even though the attendance is full, Their FRIENDSHIP happened.
qt frds2
"Hello, I have to say something. I am in love with you"-her crush texted.The screenshot was already with her best friend"Hey what should I reply?"#BFFgoals

QUOTES Credits by @thab_shee

Tuesday, February 05, 2019



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